Who's Behind Brisbane Hairdressers?

Ben Carter
My name is Ben. Although I’ve never cut a strand of hair, I’m a 3rd generation member of the hairdressing industry.

A Hairdressing Heritage

My mum owned several Hair Salons. As a child, I wandered around her salons every day after school watching as women had their hair – and their lives – transformed by the skilled hairdressers my mother hired. Mum was a stickler for quality and only hired the best. She knew the power of word-of-mouth advertising – if someone loved their new hairdo, she knew they would tell all their friends, and this would grow her business. Before Mum was my grandfather. Grandad made and sold barbering products in Toowoomba.

Now there’s me; the proud owner of Brisbane Hairdressers, the online Brisbane Hairdressing Guide that lists all of the best Hair Salons and Hairdressers in the Brisbane area.

Why Brisbane Hairdressers?

I started Brisbane Hairdressers because, like Mum, I’m finicky about quality. Over the years, I’ve seen many larger ‘boutique’ Hair Salons that failed to take care of their customers, yet still charged outrageous prices. In contrast, I have worked with many smaller Brisbane Hair Salons who provided great customer service and fantastic hairdressing, but received little recognition for their wonderful efforts. So to help these salons gain the recognition they deserved, and to help the ladies of Brisbane find the perfect salon for them – with the customer service and quality they deserve – I created Brisbane Hairdressers.

Brisbane Hair Salons: The Best of the Best

Brisbane Hairdressers showcases the finest Hair Salons in Brisbane. These salons are close to my heart, and they are featured here because of their outstanding hairdressing work and customer service ideals.

Choose Your Brisbane Hairdresser with Confidence

I know that whichever Hair Salon you choose from the great selection of Brisbane Hairdressers found here, you will not be disappointed. Welcome, and may every day be a great hair day!

Let's get you in the chair of an awesome salon

We have a small selection of quality salons and are slowly adding new ones regularly. We qualify our salons before working with them. We’re working to build a community of salon owners who are talented, fun loving ego free.