We want you to find the best hairdresser in Brisbane for you. That means you need to know what YOU should be looking for. We hope these articles help.

Top 10 things to look for in a Brisbane Hair Salon

For many, finding the perfect hairdresser is a unrealised dream. So many people I meet are dissatisfied in one way or another. Communication is the key to all good relationships, and hairdressing is no different. Here are 10 things to look for when choosing your new Brisbane hairdresser:

1. Communication.

All great hair salons train their staff to do proper consultations. In this process, the stylist should learn about how much time you spend on your hair, what you have done in the past, and what you don't like in order to to start building an idea of what will be right for you.
If the first time you sit down in a salon they don't ask you quite a lot of questions, it is a good sign that you will be looking for a new hairdresser next time you're due for a trim or colour.

2. Personal Style

Like attracts like, and in the worlds of hairdressing there is a smorgasbord of styles to choose from. It's a sweeping assessment, but it's often true that if you see a hairdresser that you think looks cool and with hair you want, go to them! If you have really curly hair, go to a hairdresser with similar hair - there is a good chance her books will be full of people just like you. Try it, it often works!

3. Atmosphere

If you are surfing for a salon and like the look of it, there is a good chance you'll be greeted by like-minded people and all the hours spent getting your hair done will be in an environment that you want to be in. Bit of a no-brainer, but worth mentioning.

4. Creature Comforts

For me being a bit of a tech-head, free wifi is awesome! Salons are moving towards having iPads for their clients, and I think that will be a great way to fill the hours for big colour jobs. Coffee... Well I'm an addict so it has to be fresh and quality! What's your thing? Whatever it is be sure your new Brisbane Hairdresser has it!

5. Ethics in chosen Products

Believe me when I say that not all product companies are created equally. Doing some research on your salon'ss product company will quickly tell you if they are being proactive in helping the environment or simply stashing cash and hoping the problem goes away. Ethics, performance and local ownership are all up there on the list of things to look for

6. Giving back

Is the salon involved in the community? Does it use green energy? Does it sponsor a child or local charity? Spend your money wisely and be sure that's it's going to a good home.

7. Training, training, training...

If your stylist is not keeping their skills fresh, it will show in lazy hairdressing. Ask if they have learnt anything cool lately? Updated education shows a passion for the craft of hairdressing and it's a must!

8. Convenience

Life is busy! There is a good chance that in time you'll be running late for your hairdresser, but the day you are and a park is hard to find then you'll have a melt down. Not the way to start your pampering session for the week. What to look for? Parking, other close businesses that will help you multitask, public transport if that's your thing, and also it's worth checkin out the toilet situation, I've seen some weird set ups in my time!

9. Stability

Hairdressing is pretty transient and there are great salons that just have bad luck in this area. But if you can find a salon with a stable team it will be a bonus. Ask how long they have worked in the salon, if they live close and what does their partner do? Sounds invasive but it can tell you if the person you have found will be around long enough to settle down with.

10. Look at

We hand-pick all our salons and the qualities mentioned above are found in all our beautiful Brisbane Hair salons! If you want a hair salon you can trust, you don't need to look any further. You will find one here!

Finding the Best Hair Salons in your Area

Years of industry experience has given us the knowledge on what to look for when finding the best hair salons in your Brisbane suburb. We are growing every day, but there is a lot of Brisbane we have not got to yet. Today we are going to share with you some insider tips on how we choose a salon and help you in areas not yet covered by Brisbane Hairdressers.

You can read a book by it's cover

If a salon is doing well, it will be because there are some smarts behind the business and they are doing great work. When salons are busy they have the money to put back into key areas of the salon. For you, this will come across as full hair care product shelves, modern fittings, the latest Magazines and fresh signage.

Another hallmark of a great hair salon is cleanliness. It's an area we are tough on, and you should be too. From experience, a little mess out the front normally means a total mess out the back, and that's where your coffee is made!

Local involvement = Salons with soul

It's all good to be fancy and do good work, but if you're not giving back then what's it all for? Salons have the opportunity to engage the local community and support the community through their business. If you see a salon sponsoring your kids' school fete, donating a raffle to a charity, or running awareness campaigns in their salons, give them a go! You'll most likely find it's a friendly place dripping with good karma!

Keep an eye out for part two of this article next week!

Finding the Best Hair Salons in your Area

In our last article about how to choose the best hair salons in your area, we covered appliance and community involvement. Today, we are going to talk about style of hair salons.

Like attracts like in the hairdressing realm.

This one is a simple concept to grasp, but it will also be one of the most important factors helping you to find not only the perfect salon, but the perfect stylist in that salon.

If you have fine, blond hair it's a good chance the best hairdressers for you will have fine blond hair too. Most hairdressers out there will tell you that they have a large clientele with hair just like theirs. If they are regularly working with that hair type more than other types, and live with it themselves every day, there is a fair chance they will be better equipped to take care of you and your hair. As with everything, there are definitely exceptions, but for the sake of general advice, this is a pretty safe bet.

Love at first snip.

Finding a new hairdresser is like finding true love. If you can both get along and spend a couple of hours together every 6 weeks, that relationship will flourish over time and your new hairdresser will learn what you like and don't like. You can work towards a style that is perfect for you and your colour formula will always be spot on. It's a beautiful marriage.

Tips for finding a new hairdresser

You're new to Brisbane, you've been burnt by your last hairdresser, or you simply need a change. But finding a new hair salon to call your own is scary, and your hair is too important to leave to randoms!
Here are some tips to ensure you get a great outcome when you choose a new hairdresser:
  • Choose a hairdresser that has your style, or a style you would like to achieve. Like attracts like, and this is the top tip for a reason!
  • When you see great hair on the street, ask where it came from. It had to be done somewhere and the chances are it will be close by. The person you ask will be flattered by the implicit compliment, and more than happy to share their source with you.
  • Hang outside a salon and have a coffee. Sure this tip is a great one for the students of the world and the unemployed, but if you really want to see the quality of a salon's work, simply hang out and see what walks out the door.
  • Is it busy? All salons have their quiet times through the week, but if the nights and Saturdays are quiet, then it's pretty safe to say they're not keeping clients.
  • Ask around. Talk to your friends and see if they have a hairdresser they could not live without. I'm not talking about a 'yeah, she does a good job' recommendation. I'm talking about 'I would rather leave my husband before changing hair stylist'.
  • Find one here! All our salons are simply awesome, hand-picked gems you can depend upon to give you a great style. We have salons knocking down the door to get on here. Sure, there are bound to be some great ones amongst them, but we choose to find out the hard but sure way. With our team of secret shoppers and street walkers, we're on the hunt for the best Brisbane Hairdressers out there!
Happy Hairdresser hunting!